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Our Services

Design & Hire Your Team

We know that having a well designed talent team is a key driver in retaining, engaging and developing employees.  In the current employment market, CCG knows business that invest in talent will have the competitive edge.  

We conduct a strategic analysis of your business and operational goals as well as a talent assessment.  We then provide you with:

  • An MVP talent team staffing model to support your company's short term business goals

  • An optimal state talent team staffing model that is capable of supporting your long term business goals

  • Custom tailored job descriptions and interview guides for the recommended MVP team model. 

Digital Transformation

Even before the pandemic, new and transformative technologies were rapidly entering the workplace, allowing businesses to innovate and thrive in an increasingly digital world. The future workforce was trending to become more diverse and hybrid, with a significant increase in contingent workers and the formation of global talent pools.
But then came 2020, and what was supposed to take years had to be completed in a matter of months or less.
As the workforce rapidly  evolves, we must continue to find new ways to achieve business results with greater simplicity, global in scope, and appealing to all stakeholders.  CCG can help your business build a digital transformation that scales with your business and is optimized for the employee experience. 
Some of the areas CCG can assist you:

  • Assess, design and develop a talent development strategy and ecosystem  

  • Research and purchase technologies focused on coaching, peer learning, digital badging, mobile learning, social communities, mentorship, AV/VR, and more

  • Creating internal talent enablement shared services to maximize impact

  • Building internal talent infrastructure and operations that support blended talent development opportunities 

Chief Talent Officer (CTO) Services

At CCG we believe that all companies, not just large companies, can benefit from the leadership of experienced talent professionals.  The impact of a single, critical decision can be more impactful, whether positive or negative, for a smaller company than for a larger one.  


Our CTO services leverage years of experience in a variety of businesses, both large and small, from government, finance, retail, tech, and hospitality, which gives us a unique skill set of experiences to help your businesses thrive, grow, and reach full potential.

Examples of CTO services include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying current and future talent gaps and creating a hiring + upskilling strategy

  • Customer education strategy and implementation planning

  • For publicly traded companies, SEC Form10-K human capital disclosure, including issues of attracting, developing, and retaining employees


Services are offered on a 6, 12 and 18 month retainer basis.

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