What I'm Working On: Improved UX for Job Aids & FAQs

Our transition away from SharePoint 2010 gave us a great opportunity to improve the user's overall experience with our tools and resources

Our Learning Technology team has developed quite a cache of learning tech job aids and program FAQs for our Team Members, Team Leaders, and L&D teams. We did out best to create an engaging SharePoint site, but ultimately it was still a SharePoint site.

As our company transitions from 2010 to 2019 and O365, we've decided to move our job aids and program FAQs over to Inkling, a product we already had, by the end of this month. The benefits are Google like search, not behind a firewall, accessible via SSO, and has a mobile app that is already approved and authorized by our IT security team. In addition, all other job aids, SOPs, and guides reside there, so when give the chance we decided to no longer be an outlier.

Program FAQs

Program FAQs are one of our most used resource. They are a quick way for a leader, trainer, etc., to quickly see who was assigned, why they were assigned, how long it will take, if it can be taken in a group setting, and much more. When a course, or a longer learning program, is being assigned to 10,000 or more individuals, we have the program owner complete and submit an FAQ form. Currently we have around 45 Program FAQs published.

Here is an example of a Program FAQ on our current, and soon to be retired, SharePoint 2010 site. While the site looks lovely, there isn't a way to quickly search and find the information you need.