Publishing Content for the LMS

Vendors, learning teams, and IDs will ask:

  • How big can my file(s) be to load into the LMS?

  • What are the LMS' publication settings for X authoring tool?

  • Can you walk me through how to publish content for upload into the LMS?

I’ve found over the years that having a short and succinct handout geared towards these questions helps to clear up any confusion and strengthens relationships with cross-functional teams.

Access my "Publishing Content for the LMS" handout here.

I break the handout below into 3 areas:

  • File Requirements

  • What format and file size can be ingested by your particular LMS(s)

  • How to Publish eLearning Content for an LMS

  • I’ve started linking out to the authoring tool tutorials to keep the guidance as current as possible

  • Your authoring tool list should reflect the software being used within your organization

  • System/Org Publication Requirements

  • A quick list of settings that your organization and/or LMS require for content