2021: The Year of Working Out Loud

Going into 2021, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to doing more working out loud and sharing resources I’ve built. My career has focused heavily on learning systems and instructional technologies - from sourcing to day to day use and all the steps in between. Here are a few things I plan on sharing my processes and templates for in 2021:

📢 My process for sourcing a new learning system or tools

📢 How to create and run a learning technology governance committee

📢 How to define your Service Level Agreements for system/tool support and services provided

📢 Why audits are mission-critical, and areas to focus on

📢 How to capacity plan for a learning system support team

📢 How to roadmap system features internally

📢 How to determine the when, how, and who for self-service features in your learning systems

📢 Common roadblocks and ways to overcome them

📢 And more!